Student Loans

Washington Savings Bank is proud to partner with Student Loan Finance Corporation (SLFC) to provide two student loan financing solutions.


School Student Loans

For current college students or incoming freshman WSB offers a private student loan option to help bridge the college funding gap.

This means if your payments, financial aid, and guaranteed student loans do not meet the full cost a WSB student loan can bridge the gap so you can go to the college of your choice.

For more information or how to apply click here.


Student Loan Consolidation

If you are a college graduate paying many different student loans back, a WSB student loan consolidation may be the answer?

If you are an employed graduate, you are qualified to apply for a WSB Student loan consolidation. Private and Federal loans can be consolidated along with any Parent Plus loans.

WSB with the help of SLFC offer the borrower a fixed rate student loan consolidation, where repayment can be simplified and payments may be lowered.